Monday, 20 February 2012

How to create a lego ID?

Step 1:
the first step to creating a lego ID is getting to the website. the webiste is after this you click on 'sign in' button by the lego ID icon in the top, right corner.

Step 2:
the second step to creating a lego ID is inserting a username and password. the username has to be unique and the password cannot be easy to guess.(Use 2 to 30 characters, with no spaces for username and 6-40 for the password) make sure the pasword is srtong so it is not easy to guess.    
Step 3:
the third step to creating a lego ID is inserting the next step is entering your date of birth and pressing the 'Submit' button.
Step 4:

the final step is to edit your profile, you can change the avatar of your profile and create our own virtual lego character, you can acess this tool by pressing the 'edit profile' button.

Now you have your very own LEGO ID!